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Inovatex Apparel offers very dependable, strategically sourced end-to-end Go-To-Market solutions for small-to-medium-sized apparel companies. These include manufacturing, global shipping and importing logistics.

To help you quickly understand our size, we oversee manufacturing in every major apparel producing country, shipping thousands of containers each year.

We can start on projects very quickly, providing you with fabrications, trims, & sundry options in a readily understood process.  Yes, prototypes and samples are part of the package.

We want to help our customers build on their success and focus on growth so we implement a plan that leverages our global experience, industry expertise and scale to our customers’ advantage. We provide you with a competitive edge by offering comprehensive product development solutions, typically for less than you would pay going the factory direct route. We work in a collaborative and transparent environment, keeping you informed each step of the way. Unlike agents who merely point you to a supply chain, we stay connected. We are your trustworthy liaison in the sourcing process, so you have an experienced insider representing your business at all times.

Our breadth of knowledge and global resources help you to avoid pitfalls and financial missteps. Low investment costs for your company help to make scalability a reality sooner. Reward with minimized risk. It’s a smart growth strategy.

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